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Vinyl / Linoleum Floor Care

Stripping & Sealing

If your vinyl or linoleum (lino) floors are looking tired and worn, we can bring them back to a near new look by stripping and sealing them.

Effectively we strip back all the old sealant that will be wearing away in an uneven manner. We give the floors a restoration clean and then apply multiple layers of new sealant.

A sealer is a substance that when applied to a surface it will prevent the transmission of liquids through that surface. Sealers may dry to a shiny finish when applied to the floor but they are not intended to be buffed to a shine like a polish Generally a seal goes down first, followed by polish buffing.

The benefits of stripping and sealing your floor are that it can extend the lifetime of your current floor. It eliminates the need to replace the floor perpetually and it will look fantastic.

Strip and Seal Floor Care Brisbane

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