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Your office is your home away from home. Actually, for most Australians … it is their home. Most Australian’s spend more waking hours in their office than they do in their own home. So you deserve a clean and pleasant environment.

There are many reasons to have your office commercially cleaned and following are just a few:


Your Customers

Are your customers visiting your office? Is it important to you to provide a good first impression to them?

You see, subconsciously your customers are going to make up their mind on you before you get a chance to open your mouth. They aren’t just checking you out. They’re checking out your team morale and attitudes, tidiness of the office, what your coffee tastes like … and the cleanliness of your office.

Most businesses spend a lot of money in marketing. Our definition of marketing is everything that you do that your customers or prospects see. This includes everything from the messages on your mobile phones through to the cleanliness of your boardroom.

Having a clean office is the first step in showing your customers that you care. We understand this and we understand that we can be very important in presenting the image you want to present to your clients.



Everything we just said about your customers goes double for your team. Your team is in the office all day every day. What are you saying to your team about the conditions you provide them to work in? Are you saying “we care about you?”.

Having a clean office, nice coffee, comfortable chairs are all little things that go a long way to help keeping your team motivated.



Do you ask your team to clean the office to save money? Is it really saving you money?
What else could your team be doing to find or keep customers for you?
How’s the morale of the team who have to clean the office?
Are you insured for this type of work?
Where do you get the equipment and chemicals and how much does that cost?
Are your customers happy with the presentation of your office?
There are a lot of direct and indirect costs associated with this type of cost savings.



It’s been proven that a clean office can decrease employee sick leave. Which in turns improves productivity and company profits.

For more information on how we can help you improve these issues in the workplace, call or email us for a free appraisal of your workplace.

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