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Indoor Plant Hire

Indoor Plant Hire Brisbane

Indoor Plants don’t just look great. They can improve your health and productivity.

International research shows Indoor plants provide multiple benefits to building occupants such as:

  • Reduced illness symptoms
  • Reduced sick leave in the office
  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Reduced attention fatigue

It can also improve performance in areas such as:

  • Sorting Tasks : Thorough cleaning of all indoor and outdoor glass. Removing the germs spread by little figures on a daily basis.
  • Creating Thinking
  • Examinations
  • Computer Task Productivity
  • Attentiveness

A UTS Study has shown the following reductions from having 1 or more plants in an office.

Anxiety - 37%
Anger - 44%
Depression - 58%
Fatigue - 38%
Confusion - 30%
Overall Stress - 50%

Plants in reception areas give the perception that the company is:

  • Trustworhy
  • Warm and welcoming
  • Well - Run
  • Concerned for staff welfare
  • Comfortable to work with

  • And best of all, hiring plants can be as cheap as $3.00 a week.
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