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Environmentally Friendly "Green" Cleaning

Working with Commercial Clean Australia does not cost the Earth. Literally. We're very conscious of sourcing and supplying environmetally friendly chemicals and products.

Our team can help you put a plan in place to ensure we are reducing waste, using resources more efficiently and having a lower impact on the environment.

3 ways we can help your environment and our planet

Green Cleaning Chemicals

We have dozens of chemicals that we use that have low impact on the planet. Many of these are citrus based and vegetable-based products.
Safe for the Environment, yet strong enough to clean the toughest of situations.

Green Chemicals

Green Cleaning Consumable Products

Toilet paper and hand Towels. Made from recycled materials. Soft to touch, yet strong enough for all applications.

Green Products

Green Garbage Bags

EPI approved and break down after 18 months, reducing the environmental impact. 100% Degradable bin liners suitable for all 73 Ltr - 240 Ltr garbage bins. Ideal for washrooms, offices, food halls, restaurants, schools and councils.

Green Garbage Bags

Five things you can do in the workplace now

Reduce your Ordering Frequency

Ordering Frequency Ordering less frequently reduces carbon emissions caused by transport. You also save time and increase your efficiency.

Planet Friendly Ordering

Planet Friendly Ordering Buy products that are better for the planet ensures our impact on the environment is minimised.

Packaging Disposal

Packaging Cartons Is the packaging recyclable? Can the cartons or packaging be used again?

Set up Office Recycling

Office Bins If you are in an office without a recycling system. Be a leader and make it happen.

Refuse Packaging

packaging bags Do you really need that plastic bag? For small orders or pick ups, don't take the bag.